---> What is QCSD?
To be in line with best international practices, Qatar has decided to create its own depository and hence has established a separate legal entity, now known as Qatar Central Securities Depository (QCSD)
Apart from basic functions like account opening and account maintenance, QCSD will also perform functions such as clearing, settlement & depository, admitting and monitoring of settlement participants, pledges, family transfers, distribution of corporate benefits declared by Issuers etc.

---> Who owns QCSD? 
QCSD is promoted by the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) 

---> Who regulates QCSD? 
QCSD is licensed and regulated by Qatar Financial Market Authority

---> What services will QCSD provide? 
The QCSD will provide the following services: 
Opening of NIN accounts
Maintenance of bank accounts details in NIN account 
Modifications of shareholder information
Deliver Versus Payment (DVP)
Distribution of corporate actions
Pledge instructions
Distribution of cash dividend 
Family transfers 
Inheritance transfers
Providing accountholders with statement of accounts
Providing accountholders with “To whom it may concern certificate”

---> What is Custodian? 
A custodian is member participant that provides safekeeping of securities services to its clients.
Non-individuals & corporate institutional clients can appoint custodian. 
The custodian maintains everything on behalf of the client.
All trades executed by such accountholders have to be confirmed by their respective custodians as per the scheduled timelines as announced by the authorities from time to time. 
If the trades are not confirmed by custodians, the trade will then have to be settled by the executing brokers.
Presently, there are 3 custodians viz. HSBC, Standard Chartered (SCB) & Qatar National Bank (QNB)

---> How does QCSD manage risk? 
Member participants are required to submit the following 
Initial bank guarantee 
Reserve bank guarantee 
Additionally, the member may submit a supplementary bank guarantee of his choice. 
Based on the guarantee submitted by the participants, the settlement cap is calculated and monitored.
To increase the trading limits, the member participant has to submit additional bank guarantee to the QCSD.
Once the bank guarantee is confirmed, the settlement cap of the member participants is increased
Finally, the QCSD has insurance policies in place to manage risk

---> What is corporate action? 
Corporate action means the benefits that the account holder gets for holding the securities as on the record date. 
Issuer Companies periodically distribute their wealth to accountholders in form of cash & non- cash benefits.
Cash benefits include cash dividends, while non cash include extra (Bonus shares and rights issues) shares.
Based on approvals received from the authorities, the Issuer will request data from QCSD.
QCSD will provide list of eligible accountholders to the Issuer as on a particular record date. 
For non-cash benefits, QCSD is responsible to credit shares to eligible accountholders on instructions of the issuer. 
QCSD will provide direct transfer of monies to bank accounts of eligible accountholders.

---> What is pledging? 
Pledging is a process whereby the accountholder can avail loan facilities by providing his shares as collaterals or margins.
The account holder who borrows monies is referred as pledgor.
The bank / financial institution which lends monies is referred as pledgee.
Based on instructions of the accountholder, QCSD pledges shares in the CSD.
Once the pledgor repays the loan back, the QCSD releases the shares back to the account. 

---> What is IPO? 
IPO refers to Initial Public Offering. 
Companies i.e. Issuers raise capital from stock markets by issuing shares to investors.
Based on instructions received from the issuer, the QCSD credits the accounts of accountholders. 

---> What is family transfer? 
Accountholders can transfer shares within their family members. 
Such transfers are not on account of any trading activities on the exchange, but directly on the CSD on account of death, inheritance, court orders etc. 
QCSD will transfer shares based on instructions received from accountholder and/or competent authorities and on submission of correct and complete documents.
The QCSD will collect a commission / fees @ 0.00055 % (Minimum amount of QR.12/-) of the value of the transfer transaction from both the parties based on the closing price of the security for the day before the transfer date. 

---> What is cash settlement? 
Cash settlement means the transfer of cash for buying and selling of shares
Qatar Central Securities Depository performs the cash settlement by forwarding instructions to Qatar Central Bank which debits / credits the accounts of the member participants.
On the Settlement date, QCSD forwards a settlement report to the Qatar Central Bank & member participants.
Member participants have to ensure that there is sufficient cash in their settlement accounts to meet their fund obligations.

---> What is the settlement cycle? 
The settlement cycle followed is T+3 
Shares are settled on a gross level while the cash is settled on net level

---> What impact does creation of new QCSD have on existing customers? 
The creation of QCSD will have no impact on any of the existing services. 
Everything will remain the same, like the account details, NIN Number, the relationship with brokers and custodians, the settlement timings, the market model etc. 

---> Where will the accountholder get his statement of account? 
The statement of account can be collected from the customer service office of QCSD.

---> Finally, where is QCSD office located? 
QCSD is located at: Al-Emadi Building, C Ring Road, Doha, State of Qatar 
Phone : +974 4422 2410
Fax : +974 4422 2455
P.O.Box : 1234 Doha - Qatar