Exempt transactions are those transfers that do not result from trading activities on exchange, but other transfers. (Form)

The investor has to submit duly signed instructions with details of transfer as required by QCSD from time to time and pay prescribed fees (i.e. commission calculated based on latest closing price for the security). 

  • The prescribed fees have to be paid by Bank Cards only.

The receiver needs to have a NIN & be an investor with the QCSD.

On receipt of all documents, the QCSD will process the instruction and transfer the shares. If the person receiving the shares does not have a NIN, a NIN will have to be opened.

Details regarding the type of documents (for each and all scenario) process & fees can be found at QCSD customer service & post trade manual which is uploaded on the website.

Scenarios for “Exempt transfers”:

1- Securities’ Transfer upon Death (Inheritance Transfers).

2- Family Transfers.

3- Transfer of Securities due to Competent Court Order.

4- Exceptional Transfers.