The creditor shall submit a letter to Qatar Central Securities Depository, requesting pledge of the securities, subject ,atter of the pledge contract, and shall be signed by the authorized signatories and stamped by the related authority, thereby clarifying the number of securities to be pledged, the symbol and the shareholder NIN.

The application shall enclose the shareholder's approval (debtor) on the pledge and a copy of his/her ID along with a copy of the pledge, both documented by the Real Estate Registration Department at the ministry of Justice, In addition to:

In case of Companies:

    • Copy of valid CR, Company registration.

    • The approval of all partners in the CR on the securities's pledge or authorization granted by the related to one of them.

    • If the debtor is a shareholding company, verification is needed in terms of the contract of pledge being signed by the Board Chairman or all Board members, or the authorization granted to one of the members to undertake the pledge process and the approval of the Board Chairman and members thereon.


In case of  Minors:

    • Copy of the minor's birth certificate and copyof guardian's ID.


In case of a power of attorney:

    •    Conformed copy of the valid power of attorney, whereby the pledge authority is shown in addition to the agent's ID.


Unpledged request of securities shall be carried out upon the creditor's official letter to QCSD, signed by authorized signatories and the stamped from the creditor, whereby the following shall be mentioned:

  • Number of securities to be redeemed
  • Name of Issuer
  • Shareholder (debtor) NIN

The required fees must be paid and attached to the pledge/unpledge application: QR200 per transaction