About the service:


  • This service Allows to investor to link supplementary nin to his account, so he can recieve daily statement of the supplementary
  • Available for registred investors in QCSD website. if not register, follow the link Registration


  • Click on Login link as shown below.
  • The Investor will be redirected to the Login page, Enter His/Her Username and passwordlogin Ar
  • The Investor should click on “Link Supplementary NIN” in the Electronic Services Menu.
  • He will be redirect to the form, the investor is requested to fill-in all mandatory fields and click on "Submit"
  • The investor should receive email with his application form attached.
  • The investor should print the form, sign it and bring it in person to Qatar Central Securities Depository building or fax it to (44221563, 44221560) or send it by email to (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) along with the required document(s) mentioned in the email in order to activate the service.
  • Once the request approved,the investor will receive a confirmation email.